Authenticity isn’t a new thought and has been discussed to a significant extent. Nevertheless, the majority of companies and brands still do not deliver an authentic brand experience. The Marketing function and the HR/Talent/People function are not working together. Often different brand values are applied in communication and interaction with consumers to those in their communication and interaction with present and future employees – a clear sign that a company’s culture isn’t being managed nor their identity fully developed. As a consequence, the consumer has an inconsistent, often disappointing brand experience, which damages authenticity for the external audience. This inconsistent approach also has a negative effect on productivity and employee engagement as well as the attraction of future employees.

People are the brand. They are the strongest and most influential brand ambassadors – marketing and HR would benefit from working closely together and utilizing each other’s knowledge and expertise to achieve more impactful business outcomes. A better understanding of each other’s problems, approaches and experiences will unearth many similarities and many joint undertakings, from brand building to talent attraction.

There are many models, approaches and techniques we marketers use that could enhance talent attraction and people management functions.

Download the white paper  “People are the brand – the unity of Marketing and HR” and find out  how Marketing and HR can help each other in building a consistent brand and how marketing approach and technique can enhance talent attraction.